Jennie Tai

American Farm Fresh Town of Vienna

9 Things To Love About Maple Ave

The twin ‘MA’s’ on Maple Avenue in Vienna believe great tasting food can come from responsible roots. While Maple Ave–the restaurant–is a notable new restaurant that locally sources their ingredients (recently ranked #6 in Northern Virginia Magazine’s 50 Best Restaurants of 2012), Maple Ave–the market–is a daily farmer’s market that offers locally-sourced meats, produce, drinks and snacks […]

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Chinese Town of Vienna

9 Things To Love About Lotus Garden

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American Breakfast Town of Vienna

Dive At Sunrise

The last time I had cream chipped beef was on a Friday morning my dad made breakfast for my little brother and I. We were both in  elementary school at the time, and were swinging our feet as we sat in the white plastic chairs of our old kitchen. Something I loved to do when […]

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