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8 Must Try's At Eddie V's


{ Dining Room }

Tysons Corner Center’s gorgeous new high rise, Tysons Tower opened its first restaurant in the building last Friday, April 8th. One of Capital Grille’s sister restaurants – Eddie V’s Prime Seafood & Steak sits on the plaza level of Tysons Corner’s beautiful new office building in a space once occupied by a circuit city (remember that, McLeaners?). The windows in the dining room (pictured above), along with the entire floor of the building glows an electric blue at night.


{ Moscow Mule }
Though the primary ingredient in this drink is considered “Russian standard vodka”, the Moscow Mule is surprisingly light, refreshing and easy to drink (you’ve been warned!). Cleverly served in a chilled copper mug, you can smell the fragrance of the squeezed lime segments, and taste the bubbles of ginger beer with each sip. From 4PM-7PM, the Moscow Mule is one of four cocktails that are $10 each.


{ Seafood Tower }
The Seafood Tower is not for the shellfish-shy. It’s the ultimate seafood sampler that covers the most popular bases–lobster, oysters, jumbo lump crab, and jumbo shrimp.

Each part of the tower could be its own main event. First, you have poached Maine lobster that’s been pre-cracked and taken apart for your convenience, and it isn’t just the massive tail – it’s the whole nine yards with both claws and even the head. Second, you have giant white medallions of shrimp straight from the Gulf of Mexico, popular for its pure taste in low salinity and zero iodine. Third – deliciously salty oysters that are either flown or driven down from Boston (so fresh that we ignored the cups of cocktail sauce and mignonette). Finally – in the center of it all – a little surprise bowl of jumbo lump crab meat (the size of fat blueberries) fresh from the Atlantic Coast.

{ Yellowtail Hamachi }
In a pool of ponzu, soft hamachi caught from Hawaii is sliced thin and topped with sweet red peppers. We had quite a few dishes (and a tower!) to get through, but this was one dish I kept going back to. I have a weak spot for sashimi, and love when a restaurant has enough confidence in their quality of fish to serve it in large slices instead of chopping it up for a ceviche or tartar.

{ Jumbo Lump Crab Cake }
With a touch of mayo, light crust and no batter in sight – Eddie V’s has the apex of all crab cakes. Every bite is a mouthful of sweet unbroken bulbs with all the meat and zero filler.

{ Filet Mignon & South African Lobster Tail }
There’s something special about this surf and turf, and it isn’t just that the filet mignon (and all other steaks at Eddie V’s) is hand-cut and specially aged for a full 28 days for supreme flavor – it’s that the lobster isn’t just any little lobster you’d find at Red Lobster or Legal Seafoods – it’s internationally sourced from the waters of South Africa. One of the most expensive options on the market, South African lobster is known for its tender and buttery flavor when broiled or roasted. At Eddie V’s, it’s broiled with drawn butter and lemon.

{ Florida Grouper }
In a bath of lemon and white wine butter with ribbons of scallions and thin discs of garlic – the Florida grouper is delicately roasted to a light crisp and topped with microgreens. It’s light, yet decadent, and probably something I’ll be attempting to recreate at home soon. This is one dish that could seduce a meat eater out of their comfort zones.

{ Smores }
Eddie V’s take on the campfire classic involves a thick golden-toasted marshmallow square, dark chocolate, crumbled toffee and powdered sugar. By the way – this is BEFORE it was drizzled in molten hot chocolate fudge. Tip: If you’re as crazy about chocolate as I am – ask the waiter if you can keep the ladle of hot chocolate at the table even after it’s poured, so you can eat the rest by the spoonful! … Kidding. If you actually do this though, tweet a photo at me and I’ll send you a little gift. 😉


{ Bananas Foster }
One of Eddie V’s specialties, the bananas foster is one of their sweetest, most addicting treats. A chunk of cake is topped with caramelized bananas on a river of even more caramel, two scoops of butter pecan ice cream – then set on fire with a flaming blue ladle of 151. If there’s one thing I’d go back for just to have again – it’d be this with a glass of milk.

For the full menu, click here.

Eddie V’s
7900 Tysons One Place
Mclean, VA 22102

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