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Drool Worthy: Gelato & Espresso Float (aka "Affogato")

We did it with ice cream and root beer…  the Italians did it with gelato and espresso.

What’s affogato? It’s an Italian dessert that involves a scoop of gelato smothered in hot espresso, topped with whipped cream and shaved chocolate. The one pictured above is served with a chocolate pirouette at L’Arte de Gelato inside the NYC Chelsea Market.

I had my first affogato in San Francisco at Blue Bottle, not realizing it wasn’t exactly a beverage. After having my first scoop of creamy gelato drenched in bold espresso–I learned immediately to order it if I ever saw it on a coffeehouse menu again.  In DC–affogatos are offered at artisan gelato cafes like Dolcezza and Pitango.

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