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Recipe Box: Green Apple, Ginger + Citrus Juice

Drinking fresh juice is a healthy, natural way to absorb fresh nutrients and vitamins from raw fruits and vegetables–which is why I made it one of my new years resolutions to do it more often. It’s actually a little beauty secret of several celebrities who juice to maintain a healthy diet that promotes vibrant skin, healthy locks and strong fingernails.  I’ve been incorporating a lot more smoothies into my diet lately, but juicing is something that’s a lot easier to drink (chunky chia seeds and chopped kale can be hard to down sometimes…), and when you incorporate low-sugar fruits like green apple and grapefruit–it’s not just a healthy way to start your day, but also a tasty treat to look forward to in the morning!

The juicer I use is the Breville 800, but there are many other versions that are less expensive and will get the job done–like this one.

With whichever juicer you go with–make sure to peel each fruit and chop them up into quarters to help out your machine. I don’t like pulp, so before I pour my juice into a glass–I take a hand held strainer and pour it through to get rid of any residual pulp or fiber that snuck through.

I love the combination of citrus, green apple and ginger. It’s tart, not too sweet and the ginger packs a little kick that keeps your body awake and refreshed for hours. Ginger relieves “morning stiffness”, prevents nausea and is great for your immune system, and citrus juice is a known source of vitamin c and potassium.

Enjoy! 🙂

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