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Five Things: Turning 24

I’m officially into my mid-twenties! I wasn’t as depressed as I thought I’d be, and I didn’t wake up to new stress lines and wrinkles to my forehead like I thought I would. My 24th birthday was filled with lots of lovely surprises, including thoughtful gifts, sweet birthday wishes and a few new gigs I’m excited to announce later this week!

I’m also visiting New York this weekend to continue the celebration with Bub and a friend I haven’t seen in years–which I am really excited about! I’ll be riding the train for the very first time and I can’t wait! I know it’s probably not anything like this at all, but all I can picture is…. the hogwarts express and the train in the hunger games…

Anyways! Below are a few of my favorite shots from my birthday weekend. 🙂

{ Kate Spade Chantal Sunglasses }

I love these oversized sunglasses! These were a present from my aunt, and are actually on sale right now at Last Call at the Mosaic District in Merrifield.

{ Juicy Couture Stud + Stone Bracelet }

Yellow is my favorite color, but it’s not always the most flattering. The tiny specks of neon yellow on this black, gunmetal bracelet is just subtle enough though. 🙂

{ Ah Love Oil’s Black Truffle Oil }

It’s not a secret that I love truffle oil… even though top chefs despise using it! I would never pay for a restaurant dish drizzled in this stuff (I’d rather pay for the real thing), but I’ll definitely use it at home as a more accessible alternative when I want to make truffled mac and cheese, scrambled eggs or popcorn. Black truffle oil is sold by the bottle at Ah Love Oil, which has one location in Shirlington and another at Mosaic District. Thanks Sumi & Chad!

{ Maple Ave‘s Seared Scallops, Coconut Risotto + Basil Ice Cream }

This is one of Chef Ma’s latest creations. I have my brunch go-to’s at Maple Ave, but Maple Ave is one of the few restaurants in NoVA with rotating dishes you won’t regret taking a chance on. The basil ice cream melts into the creamy risotto when the dish arrives, creating a rich, gold-colored sauce that bonds the sweetness of coconut to the saltiness of the seared scallops, and creates the image of an oozing egg yolk on a sunny-side up egg.

{ Marble Mousse Cake from Pastries by Randolph }

I live for this cake. Pastries by Randolph has been around since I was little, and my family orders this for almost everyone’s birthday. I’m slowly savoring the last square of it as we speak… refusing to put it back into the fridge for anyone to find it!

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