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Eat This Now: 4 Fried Snacks At Taylor Gourmet

Taylor gourmet recently opened their latest location at the Mosaic District last Saturday, February 2nd. 

Popular for rustic, mouthwatering hoagies made of daily house-roasted meats, Taylor Gourmet was founded by two Philly natives who shared a vision of bringing quality sandwiches to DC in 2008.  The duo,  Casey Patten and David Mazza began serving hoagies to DCists on H Street and have since sprouted six more delis in DC, one in Maryland and now–their very first location in Northern Virginia.

So what’s on the menu? Everything from spicy meatball subs to breaded eggplant marinara and handfuls of  various roast beef hoagies to an Italian cold cut dream made of salami, capicola, salty prosciutto and sharp provolone (aka “9th St“).

The sandwiches are made with quality ingredients and are delicious, no doubt. So let’s talk about the other stuff–the new fried treats.

A recent addition to the menu are the cheesy fried risotto balls, fried stuffed peppers, mozzarella sticks and fried ravioli. For $7.50, you can have two of each if you’re as indecisive and curious as I am. Just order the “Taylor Sampler”.

My favorites were the stuffed red peppers (which were super spicy red peppers and jalapenos stuffed with sausage) and the risotto balls, which were so cheesy, I ended up pulling my first bite two feet away from my mouth, creating a thick ribbon of cheese that swung away from my mouth and into my lap… I was heartbroken that I’d wasted it until I realized–there’s still a second one in the box!

Oh, and salads… 😉

Because every time I order anything unhealthy, I hopelessly compensate with something that makes me feel like those thousands of calories I just consumed in a matter of minutes didn’t just happen.

Just kidding. I ordered the fried sampler as my meal.

My friend ordered the Fairmont Park (arugula, pastina, sun-dried tomatoes, red onion & gorgonzola) which has little pebbles of pasta–a softer, healthier alternative to thick, buttery croutons.

P.S. At the Mosaic District location, Breakfast is on the house tomorrow morning, February 9th from 8am-11am!
Check out the Grays Ferry (breakfast risotto balls made of sausage, bacon, and taylor pork roll over arugula with two eggs, topped with beer cheese sauce), or one of their breakfast hoagies, like Jefferson Street (taylor pork roll with caramelized onions, eggs and aged cheddar) or the Aramingo Ave (bacon, sausage, hash browns, eggs, american cheese, beer cheese sauce) for free!

Taylor Gourmet: 2905 District Drive, Fairfax, VA;

Click here for other locations in DC.

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