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WTF Delicious: Gator Bites

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Kudos if you can name the 2010 Will Ferrell comedy the little hover quote is from!

Arlington’s very first crawfish house opened last March 2012 and has become a go-to spot for fresh seafood, NOLA bites and dangerously delicious cocktails. Since then, they’ve added customizable salads, multiple flat screens to cover all games and even a giant crane game that offers diners a chance to win steamed lobster dinners for $3 per try.

Though there have been a few changes and additions to the restaurant since their grand opening, I noticed an exotic “fried fixin” from the original menu that has stuck since I first visited last Spring.  I’m not surprised it’s still there (it’s one of my favorite things on the menu) , but I think it’s time I added it to the WTF Delicious family. This particular animal can grow up to 14.5 ft long, and is considered a “living dinosaur” that has roamed the earth for over 180 million years, dining on anything from fish to deer, panthers and even black bears [Discovery].

The fried gator bites at Chasin’ Tails are made of boneless cubes of alligator meat (normally from the tail) that are battered, fried and served with a tin cup of smooth, tangy  “voodoo” sauce (a special house-made sauce that packs the heat).

Gator meat tastes like a cross between dark meat chicken and calamari. It’s less chewy than squid or chicken gizzards, but like most chewy meats–goes down a lot easier when it’s fried. High in protein and low in carbs and saturated fats–alligator meat is considered a healthier option to chicken and is significantly leaner than pork.

Looking for more NOLA-inspired gator bites? Check out the pan-seared  “gator three ways” (spicy red chile, dijon mustard and applewood bbq) at DC’s redline or the Wednesday “Gator” special at Bayou.

Chasin’ Tails: 2200 N Westmoreland St #103, Arlington, VA 22213; 703-538-2565;

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