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5 Tips On How To Survive A Snowboarding Trip

This past weekend, I went on a snowboarding trip to Wisp with a bunch of friends. We ate a lot of food (fillipino soul food, pulled pork sandwiches, lots of ramen…), played a bunch of games, drank lots of beer hot cocoa and did some crazy things. Aside from the fact that the people who went on the trip were a ton of fun to begin with–I decided to share a few other reasons why I thought the trip went so well.

Below are some semi-serious tips on how to plan the best snowboarding trip ever!

1) Bring a little more than snow pants
Be prepared! And by prepared, I don’t mean just bring clothes to bundle up in, some socks and a pair of gloves–I mean bring goggles to keep the 50 mph wind and snow from your eyes, a mask or hankerchief to keep your face dry and warm, and if you’re accident prone like I am–a helmet for cool points to keep you alive. You’ll understand when you’re going down the slopes at lightspeed and can’t see or feel your face.

2) Bring a ton of meat
Because snowboarding requires a ton of energy and meat is super easy to cook. Toss a bag of longanisa into a pan of water, keep the heat low and take a shower. It’ll be done when you’re out. Fry some hot dogs or bratwursts and lunch is served. Drop some pork butt into a crock pot with vinegar and bbq sauce for a few hours and bam–dinner is ready… twice baked potatoes on the other hand takes a little longer, but you get the idea! After a long day of boarding, nobody craves salad.

3) Bring a bunch of cups
For hot cocoa, snow pong or chandelier. Bring plastic and styrofoam cups so you don’t have to do dishes (remember to recycle!) and so you can get creative when you need a little entertainment to cure the cabin fever.

4) Bring lots of boys
To dig you out of ditches, make fires, scare bears away and cook meals… not necessarily because boys do it better, but so us girls don’t have to. 😉
P.S. What guys look like after a day of snowboarding.

5) Pick an awesome house
And by awesome, I mean gather a bunch of friends and get a big house that has a massive fridge (and a secondary fridge for beer), giant jacuzzi and indoor sauna so you can do crazy things like this at night.

Happy snowboarding! 😉

Photo credits: Annie Nguyen (thanks chica!)

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