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WTF Delicious: Deep Fried Honey Buns

1) Fried Green Tomatoes
Former USC baseball coach, Kenny Thomas has 950 wins under his belt, but now owns a diner in Aiken that serves some of the area’s best Southern staples. First up–fried green tomatoes! Green tomatoes are a little more dense and not as sweet as their popular, ruby-red cousin. Fried green tomatoes are a juicer alternative to a basket of french fries, but they’re just as thick and fun to dip in ketchup and special sauces. Other appetizers on deck at Coach T’s include sweet potato waflle fries and shoestring fries.

2) Fried Bologna Sandwich
The fried bologna sandwich is a thick slice of bologna with a fried egg, lettuce tomato and cheese wedged between your choice of white or wheat bread. I love this sandwich, because the yolk melts into the bologna when you take your first bite and it reminds me of fried spam and egg breakfasts my grandma used to make me when I was younger. Other notable sandwiches include the BLT and Chicken philly.

3) Chili Cheese Dogs
There’s nothing better than an all-beef Nathan’s hot dog slathered in chili and cheese to enjoy on Football Sunday–but Coach T’s also offers other toppings like sweet relish, house kraut, slaw and sweet onions to top things off. For sides, check out their deviled egg potato salad, twice-baked potato salad or fried okra. On Fridays–try the catfish dinner with white beans, slaw and onions for $9.99 from 5pm-9pm.

4) Deep Fried Honey Buns
This was the biggest reason why we stopped by! I had never heard of fried honey buns before, and apparently they’re a big thing in the Carolinas. The savory-sweet combination pairs perfectly with a big scoop of ice cream, and is as delectable as the new salted caramel craze that has been floating around NoVA lately. Another wild dessert they have on the menu is fried key lime pie, which I’ll have to try next time!

Coach T’s Diner, 1552 Whiskey Road Aiken, SC 29803; (803) 226-0106;

5) Krystal’s Burgers
Below is my boyfriend’s hilarious commentary on Krystal’s Burgers. A friend told me she thought Krystal’s was better than White Castle–but my boyfriend thought she was out of her mind. So, of course–I made him take me there so I could see for myself… the verdict? See for yourself in the video I made below! I knocked the camera over a few times, so most of it is really just my boyfriend–who I call “bear”–talking, but I hope you enjoy! Yay for more videos! 🙂

Krystal’s Burgers

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