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Contro Convos: Are Asians Respected Outside Of The Food World?

Just yesterday, First We Feast published a list of 20 things they believe “everyone thinks, but  won’t say about the food world”. [pictured after the jump]

Known for sparking controversial subjects about the culinary community, it’s no surprise the NY-based food blog mentioned a questionable–and arguably racist–statement that “the food world is the only place where asians get respect as celebrities in America.”

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Raising a few brows, a few readers took to the comment box to remind everyone “last time I checked Linsanity was still going strong… Also some dude named Yao Ming was a celebrity before retiring” and “what about this Gangnam Style thing going on?”

By now, coworkers and friends have probably tormented you with either their dancing, singing or blasting of the recent “K-POP” tune that took over radio stations and wedding dancefloors across America. A few years ago, you may have been flying like a G6, fell in love with Nikita, dreamed of being the kick-ass surgeon Sandra Oh plays in Grey’s Anatomy, or wanted to give Glenn a high five for scoring the hottest girl in The Walking Dead.

On the other hand, you may have wanted to smack Ken Jeong for over-exaggerating a Chinese accent in Hangover (one the Korean actor couldn’t possibly have speaking normally), or Bobby Lee for perpetuating the stererotype in about every single act he had on Mad TV.

As inspiring or annoying as they may be–there are many more successful asian celebrities in America than before, especially when you compare them to the amount that are celebrity chefs. The question is–do they have the same level of respect? If not–why don’t they?

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