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10 Things I Want To Do In 2013

A few things on my to-do list for 2013! No diets or promises to drop pounds… just lots of cooking and eating of course 😉 What’s on your list this year?
1) Host a Hot Pot Party
My grandmother used to host hot pot parties for my family once a month when I was younger. She would spend all day cooking the broth from scratch, and marinate the meats and vegetables beforehand. I really want to do this for my friends one day, because hot pot’s fun way to catch up with friends while cooking a tasty meal that’s pretty easy (and cheap!) to make.
2) Cook a meal with every kitchen gadget I got for Christmas
My boyfriend and I got quite a few kitchen gadgets this year, and I’m determined to use every single one of them in some sort of creative way. This includes a kitchen torch, an ice cream maker, a handheld blender, a crock pot, and a juicer.PS–If you have any recipes you could recommend, comment and let me know!
3) Recreate a Molecular Gastronomy Dish
All of Jose Andres’s ThinkFoodGroup videos on vimeo have blown my mind, and I really want to try and tackle one of these recipes one day. In the video to the left, it shows you how to make an ‘egg’ out of cheese! You can check out all their the crazy videos here.
4) Add more videos to my blog
I’m a very visual person, and I know most people are too–which is why I’m going to try and add more video tutorials and reviews to my blog this year. I made my first video for Copper River Salmon a few months ago–which was fun, but was way too long… I’ll still continue to write, but this year I’m hoping to add more photos and (shorter!) videos to the mix too.
5) Attend the beer & oyster festival at National Harbor
These are two of my favorite things in the world combined, and I’ve been wanting to do this for years! But the timing was never right, and I always happened to be busy the same weekend. This year, the beer and oyster fest at the national harbor is on February 16th from Noon-6pm–are you going to stop by? Let me know and save the date!
6) Master the french macaron and soup dumpling
These are two of the hardest recipes I’ve ever come across… they both seem like simple little bites, but are extremely complicated to make–if you want to make them the right way at least. The perfect macaron needs to have the perfect shell and foot to give that perfect balance of chewy and crunch, the same way a chinese soup dumpling needs to have the perfect skin so it’s thin and soft, but not chewy and thick enough so it doesn’t break when you try and lift it from the pan. I will master them this year!
7) Attend an underground dining event
Underground dining has been a thing since 2012 and there are a few private supper clubs around the area that I’m determined to check out this year. A few include nosh, hush and my first stop– Chez le commis!
8) Drink a cup of fresh juice every day
Juicing can be so beneficial to your health, and for a woman–it can not only make you look better, but also feel better as well. I’m determined to work out more this year, but I also want to eat better and pay more attention to what I put in my body. I started drinking more spinach smoothies with my mom this year, and although they don’t taste great–it really makes you feel more refreshed, energized–and also makes you eat a lot better throughout the day. I’m excited to try out a few recipes I gto from Kimberly Snyder’s Detox Solution and A Beautiful Mess’s juicing recipes.
9)  Tour the mall while sipping wine from coffee cups
I know… you’re not supposed to drink in public–but I’ve grown up in DC and have toured the mall a dozen times sober. My boyfriend and I have been wanting to go back to spend a day walking around the museums and all this Summer, but I think this would be a fun way to live a little and make it a little more interesting the 51st time around. 😉
10)  Go to a football game and tailgate with a seafood boil.
I’ve only been to a football game once in my life, and it was in the freezing cold! I want to go to another game this Fall where I can really get the most out of a tailgating experience, and do something fun and delicious. My boyfriend’s an FSU alum, and one thing they do down there is put together something they call a Seminole Seafood Boil... I want to recreate this before a Redskins game in the fall this year. 🙂

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