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Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

Pop open a beer with your cuff links, mince garlic without the tears, mark your steak with your own initials for every BBQ and more. Whether he’s into sports, gadgets or fine whiskey–this gift guide is for the manly-man’s inner foodie.

1) NFL Apron $29.95
2) Leather Coasters $150
3) Bottle Opener Cuff Links $50
4) Monogrammed Steak Brand $39.95
5) Bento Stainless Lunch Jar $54.99
6) Skull Decanter $24
7) Gas Can Flask $19.99
8) Garlic ‘Zoom’ Chopper $14.95
9) Whiskey Stones $19.50
10) Hammer Can Opener $8.50
11) Saw Steak Knife 19.95

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