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Washington DC

50 Things To Taste: DC Edition

The up-and-coming culinary mecca, DC is full of delicious bites at every corner. Whether you’re traveling through or have lived here all your life–below is a current list of fifty dishes to try around the nation’s capital.

50 bites of DC
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{ In no particular order }

50) Pho-stewed hot dog at U Street Music Hall
49) Joe’s West Virginia at Tune Inn
48) Home-made poptarts at Ted’s Bulletin
47) Chicken & waffles at Ooh’s and Aah’s
46) Macaron topped cupcakes at Sweet Lobby
45) Fig e proscuitto pizza at Menomale
44) Chilean Beef Empanadas at Julia’s Empanadas
43) Caramel-stuffed churros at Dolcezza
44) Spike’s Village Fries at Good Stuff Eatery
42) Deep fried bacon-wrapped peanut butter cups at The Passenger
41) Lobster grilled cheese at Luke’s Lobster
40) Pepperoni sauce at Graffiato
39) Guava creem cheese puffs at Tryst
38) Spinach fettucine and porcini cream at Pasta Mia
37) Chirashi at Kotobuki
36) Chocolate cupcake of doom at Baked and Wired
35) Cajun etoufee at Hot N Juicy
34)  Olde Salts oysters at Rappahannock River Oysters
33) Prawn, squid and scallop shu mai at Ping Pong
32) The Earl at Black Jack
31) Kimchi hot dog at DC-3
30) Mexican grilled corn at El Chucho
29) Pork belly steamed buns at The Source
28) The SMOG at Dangerously Delicious Pies
27) Thai coconut mussels at Granville Moore’s
26) Hakata ramen at Toki Underground
25) Dry rubbed ribs at Ben’s Next Door
24) Angels On Horseback at Pearl Dive
23) Hot biscuits & duck gravy at Blue Duck Tavern
22) Pala chaat at Rasika
21) Seared halloumi cheese at Zaytinya
20) Curried sweet potato quinoa renaissance soup from Souper Girl
19) Fish tacos at Tacklebox
18) Poached duck eggs at Tabard Inn
17) Disco fries (poutine) from ChurchKeys
16) Lobster pot pie at Bourbon Steak
15) Pumpkin curry at Thai X-ing
14) Scotch eggs at Art & Soul 
13) Escargot fritters at Belga Cafe
12) Truffle deviled eggs at Lincoln
11) Brisket & quail egg sliders at Policy
10) Shiraz beef tongue & mustard sandwich at SUNdeVICH
9) Beef stroganoff at Domku
8) Gianduja gelato at Pitango
7) Bloody mary burger from Matchbox
6) Swiss Bank Account grilled cheese at Ripple
5) Duck confit & scallion hushpuppies at Proof
4) Kitfo beef tartare at Ethiopic
3) Rosebud cardamom truffles from Fleurir 
2) Bulgogi steak tacos from Takorean
1) Goober peanut butter pie at Kramerbooks and Afterwords Cafe

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