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6 Bites From Mosaic's Angelika Film Center

Opened last September, Angelika’s Film Center at Merrifield’s new Mosaic village features independent films, sinful snacks created by Top Chef alumni – Chef Lee Anne Wong, and (gasp!) a wide selection of beer and wine.

1) Four Artisan Popcorn Flavors
Go for the tandoori or cheese. Other snacks include blue corn nachos with cheese and guacamole, korean deviled eggs, edamame and ‘the junk’ (see #5).
2) Oatmeal Stout
“Do we even have that…?” the woman at the register asked when I ordered myself an oatmeal stout. If you know me at all, you know I can’t pass up an artisan hand-crafted stout when I see one. I pointed to the colorful bottle on the wall of beer and wine behind her. I can’t blame her for not knowing what it was. Angelika’s concession stand serves four beers on draft, and almost 20 bottles of different beer and wine.
3) Sweet & Salty Popcorn
I’m not a huge fan of kettle korn (I like my popcorn buttered and super salty), but for those of you who like the sweet + salty combo – they pop two different flavors of popcorn. One for the sweet tooth and one for the salt fiends.
4) Bacon + Chocolate Bars
The first time I saw Vosges Chocolate was at their boutique in Vegas. They’re famous for mixing chocolate with wild flavors like hot chillies, bacon, flowers and more.
5) The Junk
I mentioned in #3 that I don’t normally go for the sweet + salty combo, so when I say that ‘the junk’, in all its salt and chocolatey goodness, was really good – I mean it was dangerously addicting and stupid good. The junk is a mixed bowl of potato chips, popcorn, pretzels and rice crispies topped with bacon, chocolate ganache and caramel. “It’s basically what I used to eat in high school,” says Chef Wong [NoVA]. I was afraid of ordering the junk in fear of devouring the entire tray before I could stop myself, but my friend ordered it instead, so I tried a few bites. She held it up at me during the previews for me to take a piece and I hesitated. I plucked a small potato chip from the chocolate covered heap as she continued to hold the tray still, prompting me to take more. I plucked a rice crispy cube that, with a mound of ganache, held on together an entire pretzel, two pieces of popcorn and a potato chip that I quickly dropped into my mouth as she finally dropped the tray back into her lap. It was like finding the perfect chip with cheese, salsa, chili and sour cream from a pyramid of nachos.
6) Kim Chi Hot Dog
Before I tell you how delicious this was, just know that this thing smells like ass and – unless you’re going with some really good friends – you’ll probably piss off some neighbors the same way one does when one brings curry for lunch to a sea of shared cubicles. Either eat it really quickly and save your questions until after the movie (when you can stand at least five feet away), or order one of the other hot dogs and sandwiches they have at the concession stand, like the wasabi chicken sandwich or the black forest ham sandwich. With that said – the kim chi hot dog is topped with deep fried onions, scallions, and a mild kimchi slaw. After having a few bites, it broke my heart that I had to tuck it away upon realizing that it was a total stink bomb. Nonetheless – delicious, just not something I’d order when I have to sit through a movie with people sitting inches away from me!

Interested in checking out Angelika’s Film Center? For a full listing of shows, visit their site. You can also stop by their cafe downstairs for a quick bite before or after your movie.

Angelika Film Center 
Lee Hwy & Gallows Rd
near 8200 Strawberry Ln
Fairfax , VA 22031

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