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5 Things From Mom's Organic

1) Assorted Stout
If beer and coffee had a lovechild, stout would be it. I can never find a great selection of stout at my local supermarket (settling for guiness most of the time), so I was excited to see one of my favorite stouts at MOM’s – Samuel Smith’s Tadcaster Oatmeal Stout. Stout is much richer than regular beer. With a little less alchohol content than most porters and ales – it won’t get you drunk as quickly, which makes it a great sipping beer for a lazy Sunday.
3) Kiwi Berries
My mom and I picked up a box of these out of curiosity. Neither of us had heard of kiwiberies before and thought they were raw olives at first glance. These little bite-sized fruits, green and completely opaque, are the size of grapes come from Siberia and are packed with nutrition. According to NoVA magazine – they taste best when you let them shrivel.
2) Pom Pom & Mushrooms
Also known as the Lion’s Mane mushroom – these fuzzy looking mushrooms have a very mild taste, and a texture that can be compared to lobster and tender veal. In comparison to other mushrooms – Pom Pom mushrooms stand out in the world of medicine for its ‘notable nerve-regenerative properties‘ [HuffPo]. They can be butter poached, or baked with cheese over crostini. When choosing pom poms, make sure they are a bright white color. After a few days, they can turn yellow and taste bitter. If you’re considering these for your next meal, check out this hilarious video¬†with the lion king theme song playing in the background.
4) Lots of Popcorn
If you know me, you know that I’m crazy about popcorn. I nearly passed out when I saw the wall (an entire wall!) that was dedicated to bags of flavored popcorn, gourmet microwaveable popcorn, and bags of popcorn whose mission is to save endangered animals from around the world.
5) Jeni’s Ice Cream
One of my favorite brands, Jeni’s ice cream sources their wholesome ingredients locally and creates flavors I’m madly in love with, like: wildberry lavender, whiskey and pecans, and salty caramel.

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