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Cookology: French Bistro Dinner

by Jennie Tai on May 14, 2012

They say that couples who work well together in the kitchen are more likely to stay together in the future. However, I’m not sure what that theory says about my relationship, because both my boyfriend and I normally like to compete against each other and see who can cook the better meal. So when we signed up for a cooking class a few nights ago, we were both ready to Iron Chef it out for the night.

However, to both our mild disappointments – we ended up signing up for a class (Date Night) that left us working as partners, and my plans of sabotage (in pouring tablespoons of salt and vinegar into his mixing bowls) turned out to be unnecessary.  ;)

A few nights ago, my boyfriend and I took our first cooking class together at Cookology in Dulles Town Center. On the menu was baked brie (with a honey herb and pecan filling), tomato and baby spinach salad with roasted red pepper vinaigrette, gorgonzola stuffed chicken breast, and lemon chocolate pots de creme.

So we worked as a team, and learned how to clean and chop onions in the most efficient way, and also learned how to de-glaze the bottom of what normally seems to be a burnt and dirty pan (after using it to sear a few filets of chicken) with onions and white wine. I don’t do too much baking, so I was also happy to learn one of the most simple recipes for a molten lava-like chocolate cake that’s now become one of my favorite new desserts. You can’t really under-bake, or over-bake it, as the middle is supposed to be a bit gooey, and if you bake it for too long – you just get something that seems like a chocolate cake-like brownie.

Cookology provides a safe and clean environment for everyone from novices to experts, adults and even children, teaching them some of the most simple and delicious recipes that I know I’m sure I’ll make again at home in the future.

Turns out, we actually did pretty well together in the kitchen, and both our strengths and weaknesses (both in the kitchen and out it seems) seemed to compliment and even each other out. Justin is more of a meticulous perfectionist who pays a bit more attention to detail than I do, which comes in handy with heat management, cook time, and needing to measure ingredients, or cut them a certain way – which is great, because I normally like to do things as quickly as possible, and not look back after I’ve made a decision – so in that sense – I get dinner at the table on time, while he minimizes all the possible mistakes we could make, so that over all – everything tastes the way it’s supposed to, and dinner makes it to the table before sunset.

How do you and your loved one work together in the kitchen? Do you like to work together, designate different dishes to each other, or do you prefer to Iron-Chef it out to see who can cook the better meal? Let me know!

And if you haven’t cooked together yet, take a cooking class together and find out!

21100 Dulles Town Circle
Sterling, VA, 20166
(703) 433-1909

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Donna A. May 15, 2012 at 5:40 am

That’s some pretty clean plating and de-plating you have going on! There’s no competition in our house, as my husband says I’m the better cook – hands down. Maybe he got discouraged years ago, after the time he put vanilla flavoring in an Asian vegetable stir-fry…that I never let him forget about! In any case, it’s a beautiful thing to cook together – I’ll check out their program online. Cute post!


jennie May 15, 2012 at 8:16 am

Lol! My boyfriend tried to zest a lemon with a canopener once. I haven’t let him live that down since.


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