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Homemade Korean BBQ for $50 or Less

Love Korean BBQ, but not the restaurant prices? For less than $50, with a few tools, and some fresh ingredients from your local Korean grocery store (like Grand Mart, or H Mart) – bring it home and make it any time you’ve got a craving for it.

All you need is your own portable grill, a few bottles of butane, veggies, sauce, rice, and meat.

Here, I’ve marinated a few slices of boneless beef short rib, and premium sliced ribeye in bulgogi marinade, sesame oil, minced ginger, and teriyaki glaze. Add a bit of hot bean paste if you like it spicy.

For sides, we grilled a handful of chopped squash, and steamed a few cups of rice.

For dipping sauces, you can mix the hot bean paste and bulgogi marinade together (which is what my boyfriend does), or you could mix a tablespoon of sesame oil with half a tablespoon of salt (which is what I personally go for 😉 ).

After installing your grill, and putting in your bottle of butane, fill the lower donut of the grill with water. Top it off, and turn on the grill. Place your meat on top, and grill for 2-3 minutes on medium-high heat, and flip. For the squash – spray a bit of pam on the grill beforehand (so they don’t stick to the grill).

Also – you don’t need a rice cooker to cook rice at home. If you’ve got a pot, and a bag of rice – you can cook it over the stove. After washing your rice, just make sure that the water to rice ratio is 2:1. In the pot of water and rice, bring the water to boil. Once it boils – bring it back down to low heat, cover, and let it simmer for about 20-30 minutes.

Good Luck!

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