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Adams Morgan Italian Pasta

The Old Friend.

{ Proscuitto & Fresh Mozzarella }

If you’ve ever seen the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, you’d know that being able to forget the past has both its’ advantages and disadvantages. Though I’m not talking about physically having entire memories erased from your mind, or binging on so much booze that you literally can’t recall the night before – people forget things as time goes by, and I can’t say that I’ve been an exception. I can say that I very much live for the moment, and don’t remember much of the past. I forget faster than I forgive, and it takes as little as a plate of proscuitto and mozzarella to brighten up my day. I find things to be happy about daily, and because of that – I don’t dwell on hardships from the day before. But sometimes, if we aren’t careful, we also forget the good when we’re too busy trying to erase the bad.

I haven’t minded this quality about myself until recently, and if you’re as quick to forget as I am, you’d know why. As time rolls by, you forget about the people who came into your life, and the people who left, because the ones who matter most are the ones who stuck around. But there are a few special people you see again after a year or more, and despite the long hiatus – it’s like they had never left.

{ Penne & Meat Sauce | Seafood Ravioli | Angel Hair & Meat Sauce | Spinach Fettucini & Porcini Cream }

Just like an old best friend, Pasta Mia is just as wonderful as I remembered it the first time I’d visited 5 years ago. It wasn’t until a year after my last visit that a friend suggested we go back for another visit. There were a few Summers that I’d take the trek with my mom or a few friends to Adam’s Morgan, just to stand in line for a bite of the Spicy Clam Linguine, or the Spinach Fettucini with Porcini Cream at least once a month. We’d swerve through traffic in hopes of not having to suffer the heat of the 6 o’clock line that flowed out the door and into the sidewalk. We’d try to find games to play with each other to kill time as we waited, and we’d do our best to not let the lack of air conditioning deflate our excitement.

But after the stress of DC traffic, little to no parking, and what seems to be an endless wait in the flustering heat – it would all be worth it when that giant, overflowing plate of Italian home-cooked, and undeniably delicious hand made pasta arrived at your table. And after it arrives, you look up at the only people who would go through this crazy journey with you, because they understand you, and are just as crazy about the food as you are; or simply because you asked them to. They’re little traditions like this, short, but sweet memories with special people like this that I hope will never slip from my memory again. And though it’s easy to forget – I’d never trade these memories just to blot out a few others again.


Pasta Mia
1790 Columbia Rd NW
(between N 18th St & N Adams Mill Rd)
Washington, DC 20009
Neighborhood: Adams Morgan
(202) 328-9114

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