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Redneck Fondue & The Soul Roll.

So a few days ago, I tweeted that I found my favorite new snack in Rockville, MD – and I promised to write about it, so here we are. Ladies and Gentleman, I introduce to you – The Soul Roll.

[ Soul Rolls | Redneck Fondue ]

Only in America will you find this ‘BBQ’ deep fried eggroll, stuffed with chopped beef brisket, sweet onions, and three cheeses, split in half for you to dip in what they call Redneck Fondue. Another three cheese blend in a sea of home made chili, topped with chopped green onions for dipping – or dunking. Like so –

The other day I saw a man from Poland on Food Network’s  ‘Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives’ talking about how much he enjoyed onion rings, and how one can never find them in Europe; and it just really made me want to reach over and give this poor guy a nice hug, some chili cheese corn dogs, chicken fingers, buffalo wings, a root beer float, and a big basket of Soul Rolls. All of which you can find at the Urban BBQ!

But with large shelf where you can pick your own hot poison, a basket full of wipes and an entire towel roll that hangs by each individual table – expect to get a little down and dirty here. This isn’t for the lady who eats her wings with a fork and knife, or the man who can’t handle a few barbecue stains on his clothing. Like I mentioned in my last post – the real way to enjoy this is if you just let loose, and dig in like no one’s watching.

[ Chalkboard Menu | Shelf of Hot Sauce | Orange Soda |
Napkins, Wipes & Utensils per Table |
BBQ Ribs & Beef Brisket | Mac & Cheese | A Friendly Reminder ]

From the outside, the Urban BBQ just looks like another fast food joint – but when you step in, you’re greeted with checkered tables, walls of collected, witty bumper stickers, and giant black tiles full of colorfully written menu items with endless deals, such as their 2 or 3 meat combos that come with two sides, and a choice of corn bread, sandwich roll, or flour tortilla – all for less than fifteen bucks!

The smoked pork spare ribs were tangy, sweet, and fall-off-the-bone perfect as any rack of bbq ribs should be; their smoked sausage was equally as juicy, tender and delicious – and their macaroni and cheese was boston-market creamy, with an extra bit of shaved cheddar on top to mix in and give it that stringy cheesiness with every spoonful.

Yeah, I just had to add in another shot. If that smiley-face crescent of a cheese string doesn’t just shout out tunes of cheesey goodness to you – I don’t know what will.

Enjoy Urban BBQ at any of their 3 locations in Maryland!

Sandy Spring
805 Olney Sandy Spring Road
Sandy Spring, MD 20860
301-570-FOOD (3663)

2007 Chapman Ave.
Rockville, MD 20852
240-290-4UBQ (4827)

10163 New Hampshire Ave.
Silver Spring, MD 20930
301-434-RIBS (7427))

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