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"Whose Birthday Is It?"

A few nights ago, I spent a Thursday evening with my oldest friends from high school to celebrate a late Christmas gift exchange at Bond 45 (which I wrote about a few months ago). Since graduating from High School, we’ve all dispersed to different colleges across the East Coast, and rarely get to see each other anymore. But when we do, there’s always constant laughing and smiling like nothing’s changed; and I’m so thankful for my bond with these girls. It’s funny, because we’re all different in so many ways, but our friendship has been strong for almost a decade, and I’m so thankful for them.

This entry was posted on one of my friend’s personal blogs, Peace of Me. A special thanks to Angela for taking the photos, and letting me post them! Love you.

From the photos, can you guess who’s who? Amongst the five of us, there’s the Sassy Artist, the Mother Hen,  the Workaholic, the one with a Heart of  a Child, and the Foodie. Haha… well I guess the last one’s a little obvious. Enjoy!

P.S. A huge thanks again to Bond 45 in National Harbor for making this night perfect. The food, the service, and the atmosphere was wonderful, and we will be sure to visit again soon.

“It was kind of funny; as we entered Bond 45 at the National Harbor armed with gifts galore, we were asked on multiple occasions, “Whose birthday is it?”  We just smiled and explained that it has become a tradition (as seen here) that some old girlfriends meet up for a post-holiday season gift exchange.  Sadly, it’s usually the one time during the winter that 4b + k are in the same place and can coordinate a reunion, but I think because of that, we’re all more conscious about relishing each moment and appreciating the company.

At one point during the night, we all had our glasses raised and were trying to decide what to cheer.  Someone jokingly said, “Still being friends!”  We all laughed, but proceeded to toast to ten years of friendship, which we all knew was rather remarkable considering all that we have grown through as a group.  In addition, the evening was especially noteworthy because Jennie has a business relationship with the restaurant, so we were gifted with an array of delicious drinks and dessert.  If only all dining experiences could be like so…:)

[Please be forewarned that because we see each other rather infrequently, we photographed rather excessively!]”



[ Soft Shell Crab & Pasta ]

[ Lobster & Seafood Pasta ]

[ Chocolate Mousse & Whipped Cream ]

[ Fresh baked Chocolate Chip Cookies! ]


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