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VA Eats: Lyon Hall

One of Clarendon’s newer restaurants, Lyon Hall just opened this past Summer down the street from their sister restaurants, Liberty Tavern and Northside Social.

[ Highlands | Duck Fat Frites ]

With a French and German inspired menu, you’ll find exotic items such as Pork Schnitzel, Herb Spaetzle, Tartine of Snails, and even something called Black Pudding.

We started the night off with a couple of Highlands, and a plate of Duck Fat Frites that let’s just say – could have been twinkies for all we cared; they had us at ‘fried in duck fat.’

[ Frankfurter | Herb Spaetzle | Chocolate Praline Cake ]

When I was little, I’d always get excited when my parents took my brother and I on day trips to DC, because I knew DC was always good for one thing – dozens and dozens of endless hot dog vendors. You might pass on the first cart, and maybe the second or third – but after you’ve passed enough of these warm hot dog carts that perfume the air with aromas of delicious kielbasas and beef sausages as you walk by – you’re bound to give in at some point.

So you can imagine how happy I was when I saw that there’s an entire list of different sausages and frankfurters with their own section on the menu at Lyon Hall. I stuck with the normal frankfurter with kraut on a poppy seed roll, but it was just enough to take me back a couple years, and rekindle memories of my first couple of trips down the mall in DC with my family; except this was even tastier. This was experiencing a hot dog the real way, the good way, and the right way – with a soft, warm, toasted bun sprinkled with tasty poppy seeds, and a juicy, beef sausage that wasn’t boiled, but grilled, and charred just enough to give it a smokey flavor that no vendor cart in DC can offer. To top it off, fresh kraut gives each bite an extra crunch and balance of sour, but savory saltiness together in one harmony of flavors.

Speaking of harmonious flavors – if you like macaroni and cheese, or wish that macaroni and cheese were a bit more exciting, or tastier – enjoy the Herb Spaetzel. This dish is pretty much a baked macaroni and cheese with an explosive amount of flavor and different textures from the soft, buttery noodles, to the load of toasted herbs, to the warm, creamy sauce, to the bits of savory, chopped ham that made this my favorite dish of the night.

And last but not least, the Chocolate Praline Cake; a chocolate hazelnut cake with praline crunch, a chilled nutella shooter, and a scoop of chocolate stout ice cream, topped off with a chocolate disc.


Lyon Hall
3100 N. Washington Blvd.
Arlington, VA

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