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National Harbor: Bond 45

Enjoy every living moment of happiness and take a moment to truly soak in the wonderful holiday season this year. Give thanks, and celebrate your blessings by enjoying a delicious 6-course italian meal underneath the moon-lit stars in an enchanting, glass-enclosed dining room this Thanksgiving at Bond 45’s Italian restaurant at the beautiful National Harbor.

[ Entrance | Plating | Prosecco | Chardonnay | Parmesan Popovers ]

You’ll immediately notice the bright lights at Bond 45 that shine and light up the streets from the moment you turn onto Waterfront Street. If you’re even the least bit excited for whats to come next – just know that this is only the beginning. As soon as you enter the foyer, you’ll be greeted with endless rows and rows of Italian art, sculptures and a large full-sized bar that leads you into the many beautiful dining areas that Bond 45 has to offer. After you reach the end of the hall, you’ll turn right into a bright kitchen corridor where you’ll walk by a long glass display of endless pastas, salads, pastries, meats and dishes waiting to be served on your left. On your right, you’ll notice the warm, bustling kitchen and displays of dry aged steaks and chops, where Chef Enzo Febbraro is pictured below.

[ Chef Enzo Febbraro | Rows of Steak | View of Kitchen Hall ]

After you’ve walked through this small, but warm and welcoming village of various foods and cheerful servers – you’ll be seated in one of Bond 45’s six romantic seating areas after having walked through a tasty preview of what’s to come for dinner. Relax as the evening quiets down for you to enjoy the rest of your night in this small piece of Italy, and take a peak at their sculpture garden on the outdoor patio that overlooks the glimmering Potomac River.

[ Bowl of Meatballs | Fravioli Grandi | Burrata with Beefsteak Tomatoes and Prosciutto di Parma ]

The best part about writing, is getting to tell you that as delicious these photos of what I’ve eaten may be, and as mouthwatering as they look at first glance – I can tell you that it’s even better than it appears to be, and that although you may taste first with your eyes – I can tell you how good it really was, and what you can expect to taste when you try it in person. Take a quick glance at the last picture I have of the fork with proscuitto wrapped in cheese, topped off with a slice of red tomato. This may have been one of my favorite discoveries of the night, and I’ll tell you why. Though I was expecting a soft but solid slice of mozzarella to go with the typical tomato and proscuitto plated trio – Bond 45 kicks it up a notch by choosing one of the softest, richest, most creamiest white cheeses called ‘Burrata’ instead – a fresh Italian cheese that incorporates both mozzarella and cream cheese to create the tastiest scoop of soft cheese, wrapped in a fresh slice of proscuitto to be topped off with a thick, citrusy triangle of beefsteak tomato, drizzled in a fragrant olive oil that will keep you scooping, wrapping, topping, and drizzling until your next course arrives.

If that wasn’t enough to satisfy your cream cheese filled cravings, then enjoy the Fravioli Grandi – a large, baked ravioli pastry filled with stracchino cheese and mozzarella, topped with slices of proscuitto and sopressata for a crunchy, yet savory bite.

[ Claypot Roasted Halibut | Slow Braised Lamb Shank Ossobuco and Sardinian Couscous ]

If you can appreciate a perfectly cooked slice of soft, buttery white fish meat – then you will love the Claypot Roasted Fish of the day. Topped with roasted artichokes, slices of tomato, potatoes and little kalamata olives that roast in a medley of sweet, citrusy, and salty flavors – every single bite of this dish is another mouthwatering awakening.

As for their special Slow Braised Lamb Shank – this is another treat for those who know how to appreciate a generous slice of meat being treated and cooked the right way. Enjoy a large slab of slow braised, fall-off-the-bone lamb shank, cooked in a stew of chopped carrots, tomatoes, celery and other sweet, fragrant vegetables that accentuate every soft, extra tender piece of meat that leaves absolutely no signs of gaminess, but perfect bites of tender, juicy meat instead.

[ Tartufo | Ice Cream with Slivered Almonds | Chocolate Chip Cookies & Our wonderful Server, Riadh | Limoncetta ]

If you’ve ever enjoyed an italian cream puff before – then you will love the sweet tartufo pastry, filled with vanilla ice cream, and drizzled in warm bittersweet chocolate at Bond 45. In addition, enjoy other sweet treats such as warm chocolate chip cookies, and perfectly rich and creamy vanilla ice cream that are all perfect ways to end the evening on a sweet note. And last but not least, cleanse your palate with a refreshing shot of limoncetta, made from the lemons of Sorento to finish your delicious tour of Italy.

P.S. Don’t feel like preparing an entire feast this Thanksgiving holiday? Let Bond 45 do it for you and your family! Enjoy a 6-course meal for only $65 per adult, and $35 per child.

P.P.S. If you really want the full experience, – ask for Riadh when you visit! He was our wonderful server that patiently and happily answered all of our questions about the menu, and even gave us a tour of the restaurant after dinner. Thanks Riadh!

Happy Holidays, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Bond 45
149 Waterfront Street
National Harbor, MD

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