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DC Eats: Open Kitchen's Paella Night

Believe it or not, Open Kitchen in Falls Church is not only a fine dining restaurant, but the go to spot for several of DC’s food trucks to cook and prepare their daily menu (such as Rebel Heroes). Open Kitchen has several kitchens where cooking classes are often held, or space is rent out to local cooks and chefs who need a kitchen that can accommodate the preparation of a mass amount of food.

[ Bread & Olive Oil | Lamb Lolli-Pops | Pesto & Parmesan Mussels ]

We were lucky to have stumbled upon Paella Night on this Summer afternoon, where we got to experience a Spanish twist to their regular menu.

[ Combination Paella | Seafood Paella ]

Whether you’re looking for a cooking class to brush up your skills, in need of a big kitchen to cater a large amount of food, or simply want to have a quiet gourmet dinner where you can eat and watch your chefs prepare your dinner – Open Kitchen is a local gem in Falls Church that will cater to any of your culinary needs.

Open Kitchen
7115 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, VA 22043

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