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Old Town Alexandria: King & Henry

I was so excited to shop and explore the boutiques on King Street in Old Town Alexandria that I didn’t even think to check the temperature before I left the house. Big mistake, considering it has been over 100 degrees outside these past few weeks. It was fine though, as I visited just about every other air conditioned boutique I walked by. However, I only made it around the corner of King & Henry before I picked up an iced cup of OJ and headed home to refrigerate myself in the cooler indoors and called it quits. I will be back to try again on a cooler day. :)

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I knew I wanted to come back when I walked past Today’s Cargo a few weeks ago, and saw a display of Studded Sea Animal Rings that caught my eye. Unfortunately it was closed, but from the eclectic blend of modern, fun, and classy jewelry in the window’s display – I knew there would be more to love when I came back to visit. Not only does Today’s Cargo carry the most charming over-sized studded clip on ear rings, beaded bangles, studded rings and exciting gold necklaces – but they have the most charming greeter I’ve ever seen in any jewelry store – a fuzzy, napping golden retriever. Everything about Today’s Cargo; from the fun pieces of jewelry, to the adorable greeter, to the friendly customer service, is just simply charming. If you’re tired of the same old slue of mainstream mall jewelry – Today’s Cargo has a refreshing variety of edgy and creative pieces that will inspire you to break away from the norm.

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So it was getting unbearably warm, and we stumbled upon a cute sandwich place that had ‘kielbasa sausage’ written on a chalkboard that sat right outside, tempting us to come in for a small snack and a cold bottle of gourmet soda.

When we read ‘kielbasa sausage’, we imagined the simple hot dog, but were pleasantly surprised  to find that Nickells & Schefller’s aspirations were far from the norm. After Chef Scheffler quit her job at the bank to pursue her dreams in culinary arts, she eventually met Chef Nickells before they embarked on their journey of catering the most innovative gourmet meals in DC. According to the Washington Post, ‘their dream… was to have a place that would exercise culinary creativity’ which was immediately apparent to me when I ordered a kielbasa sausage, and was given a fresh roll of flatbread, slathered in sharp dijon mustard with warm roasted vegetables, a fresh link of sausage from a local butcher, and 3 crisp dill pickles.

It’s not often that you ask for something that’s good, and are given something better instead. I love those pleasantly surprising moments in life, and stumbling upon Nickells & Schefller was definitely the cherry on top to an already wonderful day.

Today’s Cargo
1102 King St
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 836-6866

Nickell’s & Scheffler
1028 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-2923
(703) 549-5545

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